The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition


The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition

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The world is not full of happily-ever-afters or one-on-one relationships—three or more can most certainly be a (happy) crowd and a complete stranger can be the ultimate lover.

Through 24 erotic stories and vignettes, the 5th Anniversary Edition of The Darker Side of Lust takes you back into the heads, hearts and "sexy parts" of its characters.

The Darker Side of Lust will satisfy straight, gay or bisexual fans of erotic fiction with stories that are seductive, suspenseful or risqué but never stray from reality. 

These erotic tales draw the reader in with their vivid descriptions, humor and candor—your carnal memories will be triggered and your senses aroused with what you never dreamed of as erotic. 


240 pages, Paperback


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The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition addresses sexless marriages, infidelity, open marriages, anal sex & pegging, masturbation, first-time encounters, sex work, religion, abuse and death through character-driven short stories featuring heterosexual, bisexual and transgender characters.